Museum Wines

Howard Park has been making exceptional riesling and cabernet sauvignon since 1986. Each year we have put aside a portion of these wines for ageing in our Margaret River cellar. 

As part of our wine club Museum Release Program for 2019, these special back vintages are now available to our Wine Club members to enable you to experience evolved examples of your favourite wines.

The Howard Park team are available to assist you with acquiring museum wines from across the Howard Park Range, while visitors to our Cellar Door can now enjoy a selection on tasting.

Selected museum wines will also be available online at any given time. The wines featured below are our current online selection.


  • Red wines become lighter in colour, while white wines become darker.
  • Primary fruit aromas merge into a more complex ‘bouquet’ as secondary (bottle age) characters mingle with the remaining primary (fruit) characters.
  • At the same time, powerful fruity flavours change into and mix with subtler savoury ones.
  • Acidity and tannin levels fall away, soften and all elements integrate.

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