Wines - Jeté

Jeté is a signature ballet movement requiring time, dedication, commitment & great skill to create the illusion of boundless control.

The same commitment and skill is engaged in the making of our Methodé Traditionelle Sparkling wines to create finesse, refinement, elegance and poise.

The Great Southern wine region produces fine & elegant Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. This cool climate area is suited to growing fruit with high natural acidity, carefully selected for our sparkling wines.

The award winning Jeté range has been made as an ode to Jeff Burch’s brother, David Burch, who was a principal dancer with the Australian Ballet Company, before retiring from that profession to become Manager of Howard Park’s Leston Vineyard for almost 20 years.

First released in 2012, the Jeté range includes a Brut Blanc, a Rosé & a vintage Extra Brut Cuvée.

Our Jete sparkling story

The production of Jeté sparkling wines requires a committed team approach from our viticulturists, Janice Macdonald and her winery team and then through the crucial final stages of production which are overseen by our bottling manager Alan Stanbury, who oversaw the installation of all the specialised production equipment.

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