Howard Park Wines is a proud sponsor of the West Australian Ballet, a partnership that was inspired by the long-running family history with professional ballet in Australia, and an artform which served as inspiration for the range of Jeté sparkling wines. With each new release of Jeté we strive to honour this relationship.

David Burch, brother of Jeff Burch had a long and illustrious career in ballet, performing as a principal dancer with the Australian Ballet from 1977 – 1983, and dancing for a time with the West Australian Ballet. While his sister Lesley danced with the West Australian Ballet Company from 1972 – 1977. After their dance careers, both David and Lesley found their next passion within the wine business, with the David working as the long-serving Vineyard Manager of the Leston property, and Lesley as the Brand and Sales Ambassador.

A project of this scale is often years in the making, with many moving parts and many more creative minds coming together to make a dream a reality. We worked closely with the West Australian Ballet on our 2021 Jeté campaign to capture the strength, form and poise required to execute the perfect Jeté – drawing a parallel between dance and wine.

“It’s amazing to see the precision and discipline of ballet so beautifully exemplify the elements needed to create Méthode Traditionelle sparkling, as our great friends at Howard Park Wines do,” said Aurélien Scannella, Artistic Director of West Australian Ballet.”

The resulting campaign was made possible due to the invaluable contributions from the talented Principal Rehearsal Director and Artistic Associate Sandy Delasalle who drew inspiration from the Jeté range to craft a selection of ballet moves that exemplifies the poise, hard work and dedication that is needed to be a dancer of this calibre.

“To create live art as seen in this campaign, shows the power of collaboration and I applaud our dancers, Principal Matthew Lehmann and Soloist Julio Blanes, for showcasing their extraordinary skill and artistic expression. I know that we all look forward to the continued creativity of this sparkling partnership.”

Filmmaker Laundon Peacock, along with seasoned photographer Stephen Heath spent a day at the West Australian Ballet’s rehearsal space capturing Principal Dancer Matthew Lehmann and Soloist Julio Blanes as they performed each intricate movement.

“It was an honour to play a part in creating a campaign that exemplifies the dedication and effort that both ballet and winemaking takes,” said Matthew Lehmann.

We invite you to discover The Art of Sparkling, with Jeté.