At Howard Park our success depends entirely on the quality of our fruit. We have patiently developed our vineyards over the past 30 years, with each site specifically chosen to maximise the quality of grape varieties planted there.

Our viticulture philosophy is one of continual improvement, excellence and innovation. Each vineyard is diligently managed and viewed as individual sites and blocks. The team, led by chief viticulturist David Botting, has established a rootling nursery, imported new clones and introduced a commercial-scale closed-loop composting system that utilises all the winery’s grape waste.

A natural progression of Howard Park’s vineyard development was establishing a nursery at the Leston property, to assure the genetic integrity of the vine rootlings. Planted in 2014, it produces approximately 40,000 rootlings per year, all sourced from vineyard blocks with outstanding performance records. The diversification of clones is integral to optimal future winemaking at Howard Park.


Sustainability is at the very heart of Howard Park’s vineyard management. Although we are not certified organic, there is a strong focus on organic and biodynamic principles in our viticulture and soil health is of utmost importance.

Among many innovations, our viticulture team has introduced a closed-loop composting system to reduce waste and eliminate herbicides. After vintage, grape marc – the waste remaining after the fruit has been pressed – is composted with organically-certified cow manure, straw, fish emulsion, malty liquid fertiliser and wood chips. This nutrient-rich organic compost is used through the vineyards, improving vine health, grape quality and yield. More than 1200 cubic metres of compost is now made annually to renourish the soil.

We plant carefully selected rye grass and perennial clovers between the vine rows, which dry off in summer creating a thatch that suppresses weeds while retaining moisture and organic matter in the soil.

Our winery and vineyards are totally water sufficient. Rainwater is collected from the winery roof, and all winery wastewater is recycled and used to irrigate the tree lots on our properties.



Our Wine Club delivers your favourite Howard Park wines straight to your door and includes a range of additional benefits.