Not just for the showmanship, Howard Park are committed to bottling wines en Magnum because they are a smart choice for the wine connoisseur. Why?

They are good for aging wines

Larger wine bottles are better suited to aging wines. The reduction of oxygen and sulphur dioxide in a large bottle allows the wine to age more slowly and has potential to develop more complexity.

Magnums of wine are generally created out of a thicker, heavier glass that is less likely to experience temperature variations. This again assists with aging the wine evenly.

They are collector’s items

Considered a rarity and a collectible item. Howard Park bottle en Magnum across a range of wines from the Iconic – Howard Park Abercrombie Cabernet Sauvignon to our Regional Range – Howard Park Miamup Cabernet Sauvignon. They are always a limited edition and a comparatively small number.

If you are looking to invest in wine for personal enjoyment, then purchasing a large format bottle might be considered a better investment simply because the size is better suited to aging wines as explained above.

Champagne tastes better from a large bottle

As if champagne were not celebratory enough, a magnum of Champagne creates theatre and is a guaranteed party pleaser. Yet it’s not just the spectacle that makes a large bottle of Champagne special. Compare two bottles of Champagne – one in a standard bottle and one in a Magnum and you will notice a difference. Generally, the wine in the larger bottle will taste fresher, more complex and finer bubbles.

Why? Because of autolysis, which is the ‘destruction of dead yeast cells by their own enzymes’. The breakdown of yeast cells in the bottle leaves behind carbon dioxide – and that makes the fizz. Magnums have a larger surface area and more opportunity for lees to have contact with the wine – making for rounder, more complex wine with more bubbles.

Sparkling & Champagne Magnums are so popular at Howard Park that we’re already sold out this year but they will be back in stock soon, ready for the party season.

They make a great gift

Whether it is a gift for yourself or to another, Magnums are a great way to celebrate milestones. Due to the long cellaring potential we often have customers that buy a Magnum of Howard Park Abercrombie or Howard Park Riesling from their child’s birth year as a great present to give in adulthood.

Likewise, people buy them to save for a big birthday or a special occasion like a wedding.

They are perfect for entertaining

A Magnum contains 1.5 litres of wine which equates to 12 glasses of wine, meaning that everyone at the dinner party gets to try the same wine at the same time.

They are aesthetically spectacular

And finally, we’ve touched upon the theatre of a large bottle but the spectacle never ceases to impress and makes a statement on any dining table. And even wine connoisseurs like to give a party the wow factor!