Christmas Traditions with Howard Park

  • Howard Park

“Christmas is a day of meaning and traditions, a special day spent in the warm circle of family and friends.” Margaret Thatcher

Presents, decorations and silly hats aside, annual traditions such as Christmas are moments in time that we get to stop, reflect and spend time with friends and family. They can be precious moments spent around a table with food and wine or down at the beach enjoying a picnic in between dips in the ocean.

We spoke with the owners of Howard Park – the Burch Family – about their Christmas traditions and what wines they will be enjoying this festive season. Spoiler alert: they love a Howard Park wine but they also love to mix it up with some international choices or a beer or two!

Howard Park Christmas Wines

First up, is Amy Burch.

“I love to have a roasted Turkey each year. I make my own stuffing with rice instead of breadcrumbs (a Singaporean influence) and generally this will be matched with a Sparkling Shiraz. It goes brilliantly with the Turkey and this year we will be trying a Halliday recommendation – Seppelt Sparkling Shiraz from the Grampian Mountains.”

“It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Howard Park wine (or two) and this year it’s a tough choice between Howard Park Chardonnay or Marchand & Burch Chardonnay. We have a vegan guest coming for Christmas this year so I will be making ‘Golumpki’ which is Polish for stuffed Cabbage rolls. Either of the wines will go beautifully.”

“Whatever we decide to drink there is also another thing guaranteed. That BB King’s carols will fill the house with music. His voice is amazing!”

Howard Park Christmas Wines on Table

Next up was Jeff Burch which his favourite things to do at Christmas.

“At this time of year I have been known to splash out. Traditionally on Christmas Eve, Amy and I will enjoy an extra special bottle in the late afternoon as we enjoy the view from the house. This year I have a bottle of 2002 Salon Champagne in mind.” Says Jeff Burch.

“Served very chilled at 2 degrees and straight out of the fridge. A traditionalist might say this is too cold for Champagne but I prefer to serve chilled and allow the wine to warm in the glass, especially on a warm balmy Perth night. I’ll also serve in the newer style ‘goblet’ champagne glass that is very trendy in France at the moment.”

“On Christmas day I’m with Amy and love a good Chardonnay. Particularly a Howard Park Allingham Chardonnay, straight out of the cellar. I’ll enjoy a glass perfectly chilled at 14 degrees with a Christmas ham and freshly peeled Tiger prawns. It’s the perfect match.”

Howard Park Christmas Wines

And finally Richard Burch explains his traditions.

“For me Christmas tradition is the food and it is all about the potatoes. They are a key component to the menu and there are multiple levels of cooking, from the part boiling, the duck fat and the crisping. Plus I am a fiend for gravy – it has to be just so - I have a unique method of making the perfect gravy and no-one is allowed to touch it!”

“Each year I look forward to raiding Jeff’s cellar and picking a Pinot for the family to share but I can’t go past a Franck Bonville Champagne  or the 2015 Marchand & Burch Chardonnay which is just exceptional thanks to some age.”

“This year we’ll be enjoying some Christmas cheer for our little man’s very first Christmas and will start some new traditions as a little family, including a beach swim in the morning.”

“While wine features heavily throughout the Christmas period I’m also partial to a great beer or cider and Kaiju Crush and Golden Axe by Kaiju Beer are my absolute favourites.”

What are your traditions for Christmas?

From the Howard Park family to yours – Merry Christmas! Enjoy alcohol responsibly and stay safe over the festive period.