Born in the Great Southern to a family enmeshed in the West Australian winemaking scene, Nic has worked at many wineries, in many locations around the world and across many roles. Nic followed his career from Australia to France and back again, where he found himself settling in South Australia to work as a winemaker for Hardy’s and mentoring under sparkling winemaking legend Ed Carr of House of Arras.

Returning to West Australia at the very start of vintage meant he was off running as soon as his boots hit the ground, learning the eccentricities of the winery, meeting the team and making wine. We were fortunate to spend a little time with him as the dust settled on vintage and he was able to take a breath and reflect on winemaking at Howard Park.

We invite you to take a moment and enjoy episode one of An Open Bottle.

Shot by Laundon Peacock.

An Open Bottle is an ongoing miniseries that goes focuses on the people and personalities behind the wines we make. Watch the next episode, with Howard Park owner Jeff Burch, here.