For Dave Botting, his role as Chief Viticulturalist has always focused on longevity, “it’s about legacy and integrity – I’m determined to leave vineyards in a better state, a more sustainable state for the future generations.”

Born to a farming family Dave has been a familiar face amongst the growers and farmers of the region for many years, and over his career and particularly during his time with Howard Park he has been instrumental in creating a more sustainable and a gentler approach to growing and tending to the vines.

From helping to establish our in-house closed loop composting program and moving from slashing the grass between the rows of vines to rolling the grass flat, to the seasonal introduction of short legged sheep to graze the vineyards, eco friendly kaolin clay sunscreen to protect the delicate fruit from sunburn and so much more – Dave has been there for all of it.

We invite you to learn more about the work of a viticulturalist in episode three of An Open Bottle.

Shot by Laundon Peacock.

An Open Bottle is an ongoing miniseries that goes focuses on the people and personalities behind the wines we make. Watch the next episode with Howard Park’s owner Amy Burch, here.