Winemaking Philosophy

“To handcraft elegant wines of expression - embracing of tradition and heritage - yet adventurous and reflective of provenance”

It starts with the fruit. Howard Park has patiently developed its Margaret River and Great Southern vineyards over the last 25 years, with each site specifically chosen to maximise the quality grape variety and unique clones.

The vineyards are sustainably managed, using in-house, meticulously-blended compost as the primary source of nutrition. 

The winemaking process works to create age-worthy wines that clearly show the sites, soils and climate in which the grapes are grown, and the regions they come from.

The resulting wines are sophisticated and balanced, highlighting the best attributes of that particular grape variety. When used, the oak is French, but subtly integrated into the wine.

Howard Park makes textured and complex wines of class. They have an elegance with subdued power, long length and persistent flavours. The nose is layered - yet focussed - with cleanly delineated boundaries that will age beautifully and gracefully.

The philosophy is to craft wines that distinctly convey the provenance of the grapes. The winemaking methods are sophisticated, but do not overpower the fruit flavours, which are of paramount importance. The winemaking and oak handling are only support acts to the primary fruit characters in the wine.