Vintage 2023 is well underway at our winery in Maragret River and vineyards in the Great Southern and for the first time ever, we are inviting you to join us on our journey through this year’s vintage. This is the time of year when we harvest the grapes that make our distinct, expressive wines. As such, it marks the exciting first step in the journey from vine to bottle. It is a busy period in the winery and vineyards, filled with long hours and hard work, but it is also a time imbued with eager anticipation as a whole year’s work begins to unfurl.

Join Chief Winemaker, Nic Bowen and Group Vineyards Manager, Steve Kirby, as they talk us through the ins and outs of harvest and what we can expect from the 2023 season so far. Near-perfect weather conditions in spring and summer have set the stage for a promising beginning to what is sure to be a fabulous vintage. The fruit is looking great out on the vines and we can hardly wait to get the grapes back to the winery and craft wine to share with you.

Keep an eye out for episode two in the coming weeks, where the team delves into white wine production.